HOTELLI aalto (hereinafter “we” or "our") acknowledges that we are socially responsible for protecting all information provided by our customers on this website (hereinafter "the website"). We thereby establish this policy, and will ensure strict implementation.

[Handling of Information]
Due to our system, the website utilizes the server of a subcontractor, of which we entrust and have signed over a nondisclosure agreement. For that, information provided will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the customer.
On some occasions, information provided by our customers may be partially entrusted to third parties in order to improve our services, or for the convenience of our customers, etc.
We may also provide retained informatin in case required by law, court, official bodies, etc.

[Regarding IP Address]
We may collect the log information regarding access to or use of our services for below listed purposes. (No individuals can be specified with the IP address.)

- to identify the cause of troubles over the web server
- to manage the website

[Information Provided by Our Customers]
With regular browsing of the website, information such as name and address is not necessary.
Except for when using the reservation page, we inquire for customer information and so please provide as needed.

[Appropriate management of Information]
In order to ensure the proper protection of private information, we strictly adhere to the laws and regulations concerning private information. In addition, we have set company rules in managing the information; not only are we to prevent the loss and disclosure, but we strive to protect from unauthorized external access.
On some occasions, we entrust the subcontractor for direct contact with customers to improve our services. We will appropriately supervise to ensure that personal information is kept confidential and adequately handled.

Change of Privacy Policy
We will publicly notify on this website in case there are changes to the privacy policy.
Change of the policy will become effective upon notification on this website.

June, 2009